Friday, April 15, 2011

Caribbean Cruise

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Love This Time Of year!!!

I love this time of year! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I'm not a huge fan of the cold, but I do love having snow for the holidays and listening to Christmas music. Stu and I have most of the Christmas shopping done for the family, which I am so relieved cause I'm usually a procrastinator. I'm really excited to watch Owen open presents this year, He is way excited and has been walking around the house telling us over and over again "Merry Christmas"!!

Finals for school is this week and I'm getting sooooo excited to have a few weeks off to relax and spend time with my family:-) Now, if only I could take a few weeks off of work as well.......hmmmmm...... wouldn't that be nice!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So School started again and its going to be a busy semester, I'm getting exhausted. I plan on applying for the Nursing program in January, so we will see how that goes.. Wish me luck! I started going back to the gym a few weeks ago and I love how it makes me feel! I have more energy for my family and I love it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Owen is 3!

Owen turned 3 years old on July 13th! We can't believe how old he is. Kids grow so fast! For Owen's birthday Stu and I celebrated it with just us three. It was a very nice fun filled family day. I had three tests to take at school that day, so Stu took Owen to the park near Weber State so I could take my tests and meet up with them after. Owen got to open a few gifts from us, but we saved some for his family birthday party that we had for him yesterday with grandma and grandpa England. He had a bunch of his 1st and 2nd cousins come over for a BBQ and cupcakes!!! My sister set up a kiddie pool with a small slide going into the pool. All of the kids had such a blast playing together.

On July 14th we went to grandma and grandpa Decker's and had Owen open some presents from them. They gave him an awesome toy story scooter, which open just absolutely loves!! He wants to always go outside and play with it. He has been playing with it all throughout the house. He is just so dang cute.

Owen got a bunch of Cars for his birthday...... He has so many of them I don't know what We are going to do with all of them, He just loves playing with them and I swear he could play with them all day long. I love that my little boy is developing into this great little man! He is such an amazing little boy. Stu and I don't know what we would do without him. He is one special little guy! We love You Owen Bruce Decker!!!!!!

P.S. pictures to come soon.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pee On The Floor

So here is a funny story my husband told me when I came home from work last week.
Stuart was in the bathroom doing his hair and Owen walked in and said "Daddy, pee on the floor", Stu was shocked when he heard that cause Owen is now potty trained and has had no accidents for months now. So Stu told Owen to show him where the pee was on the floor. Owen took Stu into the kitchen and was pointing on the floor, so Stu felt around all over the floor and did not feel any wet spots. Owen kept repeating about pee on the floor and was laughing, by then Stu was very irritated, he already was upset that he was going to have to clean up pee, but for the life of him he just could not find where the pee was and was upset Owen was laughing about it. Stu said that he kept pointing near the sink, but looked there and did not see anything, So Stu got on his knee's and looked on the floor near the corner of where the fridge and bottom counter meets.....LOW and BEHOLD he found it, but it was not the kind of pee he was expecting to find.. It was the magnetic letter P that goes on the fridge! Lol.... Stu just sat there and laughed so hard. He said it was the most frustrating feeling when he was looking for the liquid pee, but It just made his day to find something so unexpected! You got to love Kids, they are just so dang cute.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Its going to be a busy summer

Just started my summer classes on Monday and its going to be a busy semester. I am taking Pathophysiology which I was told is a very difficult class, but I am up for the challenge. I needed to take 6 credits this summer for my grants to cover it, so I took a LS course called the Nature of Sex. I know what your thinking... Why would I take a class like that.. Well it's about the nature of animals and sex. It's not all about people, its more strictly animals. The book I am reading for the class is like the History channel on animals. So far its a good book and very interesting. I needed an easy class to take with my hard patho class so i figured this would be an easy A class. I hope I am right....

Friday, April 2, 2010

still looking for a car..... It has not been an easy process. We want to make sure we pick the right car and since we are getting a used car we have to make sure everything is fine with the car before we buy it. It is going to be so nice not having to pay two car payments:-) My schedule will switch next week so I will have Friday and Saturdays off with my husband, that way we can car shop those days! Wish us luck!!